Keiko Nakata

Keiko Nakata


I like mathematics, in particular topology and logic, and programming.

I hold a PhD in theoretical computer science from RIMS, Kyoto University, supervised by Jacques Garrigue and Masahito Hasegawa. I did a post-doc in Gallium, Inria, supervised by Xavier Leroy. I worked as a tenured senior researcher in Tarmo Uustalu's group at Tallinn U. of Technology. As a short-term visitor, I participated in the special year on Univalent Foundations of Mathematics at the Institute for Advanced Study.

Since 2015, I have moved to industry to expand my horizon. These days I am interested in distributed computing and cryptography.

Program committees

PPL 2011 (Japanese), SOS 2011, DSL 2011, FLOPS 2012, ML 2012, EXPRESS/SOS 2012, APLAS 2012, PPL 2013 (Japanese), TFP 2013, FLOPS 2014, ML 2014, Haskell Symposium 2014, PEPM 2015, PPL 2015 (Japanese), TLCA 2015, ICFP 2015, ESOP 2016, ITP 2017, TYPES 2017, IFL 2018, TYPES 2018, TYPES 2019, PEPM 2019, FSCD 2020, TyDe 2021, IFL 2021, TYPES 2021, PEPM 2022.

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Selection Committee for John C. Reynolds Doctoral Dissertation Award 2016

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Elmo Todurov

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